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To Japan, and to the world.

Brand Introduction | Okayama

BRAND|Specialty products

Brand Introduction | Okayama


Brand Introduction | Tokyo and Shizuoka


We introduce a carefully selected selection of local specialties and crafts.

You won't find it anywhere else.
You can only find this here!
We also introduce special local products!

We visited craftsmen mainly in Okayama and carefully selected
We proudly deliver carefully selected local products and crafts both domestically and overseas.

We work together with our creators to spread the appeal that comes from their dedication.

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Introduced by category


We support the activities of this organization.


On the other side of our outstretched hand lies our children's future.

Spreading the wonders of Japan from Okayama to the world.


New Lineup | Hiruzen Winery

We have started selling mountain grape juice carbonated drink. Hot summer is here. Please try it chilled. As it will sell out quickly, sales will end as soon as stock runs out. If it is out of stoc...

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New Lineup | Hiruzen Winery

Introducing a carbonated drink made with rare and valuable wild grape juice! Sales will begin in mid-July. For more details, check out our Blog!

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New Lineup|Kamote

Kamote has started selling summer-only chilled Chinese noodles. We can also introduce you through iMall Japan! For more details, check out our Blog!

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We went to cover a juice made from wild grapes. It will be on sale from mid-July.

2024.6.15 | Hiruzen Winery | Mountain Grapes | Wind Sylph | I went to Hiruzen Winery in northern Okayama Prefecture. Hiruzen is located in northern Okayama Prefecture, near the border with Tottori ...

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New to our lineup: chilled Chinese noodles!

Kamote | Chilled Chinese Noodles <Chinese Soup> <Sesame Sauce Soup> | Summer Limited Edition | The hot summer has arrived again this year. A new lineup from Kamote! Available in two fla...

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Distributed to children's cafeterias

Partner Tab ▷ Check! | 2024.5.19 | We delivered Konohitokan to a children's cafeteria and held a meal using Konohitokan. The venue was packed! Local residents and high school students participated,...

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