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iMall Japan supports the activities of this organization.

On the other side of our outstretched hand lies our children's future.

General Incorporated Association Konohitokan

"Konohitokan" is a canned food that makes effective use of food waste and contributes to a sustainable society.
We provide support and education by delivering "Konohitokan" to poor children free of charge.
On the other side of our outstretched hand lies our children's future.
We would appreciate your kind support.

April 2020: “Konohitokan Project” launched!

In April 2020, we held a market to cheer up restaurants that were suffering due to COVID-19. We were surprised at the amount of unsold food that was being thrown away.

The thought of whether it was possible to make preserved food using surplus ingredients prompted him to launch the "Konohitokan Project," which aims to tackle poverty by making effective use of food waste.

By making effective use of food waste, I want to support not only those who are struggling financially, but also those who are suffering from mental health issues. I strongly want to create a community where adults can work together for the sake of others.

General Incorporated Association Konohitokan
Representative Director: Chihiro Miyoshi

The modern world is rapidly changing, day by day.
We need to think carefully about what we should do and who we should be.

Find your own hints from the "Konohitokan Project," think about what only you can do, and pray for something that will benefit someone else.

The story of Konohitokan is one that could only come to fruition with the thoughts and cooperation of many people.
A story about the people involved in making a small can of food called Konohitokan.
Would you like to add to your story?

The initiative of each individual will draw in the community and motivate those around them.

Aiming for a society where everyone cares for each other and is rich in spirit.

iMall Japan
Representative: Yayoi Hamada

What is the “Konohitokan Project”?

We are reexamining the relationship between the earth, people, and food.
Under the supervision of our head chef, we have developed canned goods that make effective use of food waste and are running a support project to deliver them to impoverished children free of charge.
We also conduct educational activities to raise people's awareness of sustainability.
The name of the can is "Konohitokan"
It's the same as our organization's name.
This is a groundbreaking project that has the potential to solve these two problems simultaneously.

Let me convey this feeling.

The head chef who came up with the recipe.
Hotels and restaurants that can provide food waste ingredients.
Many companies have provided financial support.
Companies that can manufacture canned goods.
People who put labels on things.

While solving the problem of food waste, we also want to support people who are suffering from various circumstances, including financial reasons and emotional distress.
We work with many ideas in mind.

People's thoughts, to the future.

Everyone works for someone invisible.
Everyone can feel the warmth of the people around them.

It is passed down from person to person,
The people who inherited it will exert their power,
An item that conveys feelings to those who receive it.

That is "Konohitokan".

Finally completed in 2021!

Nutritious and delicious canned food created under the supervision of our head chef! Also great as emergency food in times of disaster!

We have finally completed a sustainable canned food product that makes effective use of food waste, such as meat and fish that are cut off and discarded during food processing, and vegetables that cannot be shipped because they are irregular in shape!
We spent about a year going through trial and error together with the head chef, who was sympathetic to our activities.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the head chef and the many other people who sympathized with our activities and supported us.

Corporate Social Contribution

In order to raise awareness of the social contributions that companies are making, we attach labels promoting the sponsoring companies to the cans.
In addition, we are sending out "Konohitokan SDGs Certificates" to help each company use this in their CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities.

Chairman of Okayama Prefecture Chefs Association Rokushikikai

Supervised by Hiroki Fujita, Head Chef of Kurashiki Shirakabe

Mackerel or salmon seasoned with curry powder is stir-fried with lotus root and other root vegetables. We paid close attention to nutritional value while creating a flavor that children will love.
One can easily feeds several children.

I want you to eat with a smile.

Discarded food ingredients do not have to be sourced from far away. This also supports local food and the local community.
Through the "Kono Hito Kan Project," I hope that people will take a firm grasp of social issues, use this as an opportunity to think about them, and become people who can solve them.

Wedding venue "THE MAGRIT"

Supervised by Head Chef Ryugo Sato

The beef fat and cuts that would have been discarded during beef processing are slowly fried to condense the flavor, then simmered with tomatoes.

We created this product with a lot of thought put into it.

At first, I didn't know how I, as a chef, could contribute to the issue of food waste.
However, when I was given the chance to develop this canned food, I realized how much food waste there is, and I was thrilled to realize that as a chef, I could contribute to solving the food waste problem through the "Kono Hito Kan Project."
I am grateful for the opportunity to confront the issue of food waste as a chef.

Recipe development took about a year

For inquiries about our activities and support, please contact us here


Tel: 090-3137-9896


We want to deliver these canned foods, which are made from food waste, to as many suffering children as possible.
I would also like to deliver this to children suffering overseas.

We hope that our wishes will reach as many people around the world as possible.

We would appreciate your kind support.