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Article: Distributed to children's cafeterias

Distributed to children's cafeterias

Partner Tab ▷ Check! | 2024.5.19 | We delivered Konohitokan to a children's cafeteria and held a meal using Konohitokan.
The venue was packed! Local residents and high school students participated, and they made dishes using Konohitokan and had a lot of fun.
Thank you all for your kind cooperation during your Sunday off day.
Hand delivered with love.
Here you go♡
The little kids were overjoyed! They were so cute as they ate it enthusiastically saying it was delicious!
Children are the treasures of the future. It is very important that the community and society are involved in the development of children.
Don't leave children alone, don't let them.
The most amazing love♡
Konohitokan was born from food waste. We would be happy if more people in Japan and overseas knew about Konohitokan's activities, gained some hints or ideas from them, and passed them on to the next generation, living in the present.