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Article: We went to cover a juice made from wild grapes. It will be on sale from mid-July.

We went to cover a juice made from wild grapes. It will be on sale from mid-July.

2024.6.15 | Hiruzen Winery | Mountain Grapes | Wind Sylph | I went to Hiruzen Winery in northern Okayama Prefecture.
Hiruzen is located in northern Okayama Prefecture, near the border with Tottori Prefecture.
The idyllic plateau spreads out before you, delighting many people with its changing seasonal faces.

Why Hiruzen Winery?

Thank you for wondering!
Actually, I went there to cover the story because I was able to introduce to you all a carbonated drink made from very precious wild grapes!

37 years ago, Hiruzen Winery wondered if they could somehow revitalize the local area using the wild mountain grapes that grow in the area. With this in mind, they focused on the wild mountain grapes that grow in the Hiruzen region and started a winemaking business using wild mountain grapes.

Since the composition of the fruit and juice of wild grapes varies from tree to tree, and the fruit is naturally very sour, it seems that they had a lot of trouble handling them.

After collecting data on the fruit and juice from 1,000 wild mountain grape vines growing in the Hiruzen region for 10 years, they succeeded in selecting three mountain grape vines with the least acidity and the best juice composition and sugar content!
They also succeeded in growing and planting the three selected mountain grape vines!

It is extremely difficult to grow and cultivate wild mountain grapes, so this was an innovative approach that had never been seen before, even in Japan.

The mountain grapes harvested at Hiruzen Winery are characterized by their higher sugar content and lower acidity than those grown in the Tohoku region, where they originate.

It was 26 years ago that we were able to start making wine using these harvested mountain grapes.
This winery has won numerous awards and is truly a source of pride for Okayama.

This time, we were the only ones allowed to sell carbonated juice made from mountain grapes, which are highly prized due to their small yields!

Actually, I first came across this juice about two years ago.
I came across it by chance when I stopped by Hiruzen Winery on a trip to Hiruzen with my family to eat Genghis Khan for the first time in a while.
I bought it because it was so rare, and when I tried it, I was shocked!!!
Even now, two years later, I still vividly remember how amazingly delicious it was.

Is this really carbonated juice?

There is no sense of carbonation at all, and the deep, refined sweetness and moderate acidity of the mountain grapes are perfectly balanced, so the delicious flavor of the mountain grape juice fills your mouth, making it easy to drink the whole thing in one go.

My family loved it too!
My friends who bought some as souvenirs were amazed at how delicious it was!

It's truly shockingly delicious!!

Please give it a try and give us your honest review.
We are proud to introduce it to you.

By the way, the person giving the lecture is President Ueki, and the woman giving the lecture is our company's breadwinner, Representative Director and Ms. Hamada.