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[aki et lou] Tangerine wood spoon

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This spoon is made from extremely valuable tangerine wood, which is harvested only once every 50 years.
Cutlery made from tangerine wood is rarely seen anywhere in the world.
Tangerine wood is characterized by its fine grain and smooth texture.
It is very popular because it is round and very cute. It can be used for a wide range of purposes.
It is also very popular as a baby spoon because it has a smooth and very comfortable texture.
We cannot produce a large number of trees because there is a cutting season.
Please note that due to differences in felling seasons and each tree, knots and grain patterns may appear as shown in the images.

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[aki et lou] Tangerine wood spoon
[aki et lou] Tangerine wood spoon Sale price¥1,930

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About the author

I was born in Tenryu City, Shizuoka Prefecture and grew up in a quiet village surrounded by Tenryu Cedar, one of the three most beautiful manmade forests in Japan.

I learned the basics of woodworking at the only forestry high school in Japan that has a forestry name in it.

Since childhood, I have experienced life with wood using all five senses, which has developed my sensitivity and imagination.

I would like to continue honing the sensibility and imagination I have cultivated up until now.


I learned how to make wooden cutlery, and before I was able to complete a piece that I was satisfied with, I failed many times, and at one point I was unable to hold the carving knife.

Each species of tree shows different expressions.

We carefully select each piece by hand, paying close attention to the texture and characteristics of the wood.

It features a simple design that combines beauty and ease of use.


Wooden cutlery does not get hot or cold like metal spoons and does not make noise.

You can feel the gentleness and warmth of wood, and the sense of security that comes from touching wood.

Another appealing feature of wooden cutlery is that it changes in texture as the color deepens and the luster improves over time.

Simply add it to your kitchen or dining room to create a stylish space.

Aki and Lou

A simple design that combines beauty and ease of use.
The gentleness and warmth of wood, and the sense of security that comes from touching it.
It adds a touch of comfort to the dining table, making mealtimes even more enjoyable.
We create each piece with care, hoping that it will bring happiness to your dining table.