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iMall Japan

iMall Japan|アイモール ジャパン

We visit the makers of various products, mainly from Okayama, and introduce them to you.

We work closely with our creators to communicate the "charm that comes from the careful attention to detail" that goes into their products.

The knowledge, skills, and passion of the creator.
Its charm naturally draws people in.
We want to be a presence that can help more people learn about these creators and encourage them.

We first started visiting craftspeople in our town of Kurashiki, Okayama.

Thanks to the sympathy and cooperation of many people, we are now able to introduce to you some special local products that are only available in our online store.

Let's make Japan more energetic from Okayama!
Let's spread the wonderful things of Japan from Okayama to the world!

We deliver exquisite items filled with the maker's passion, items that will enrich your life, and items that will accompany you in special moments.

Living with the thoughts of the creators.
A masterpiece filled with the maker's thoughts, for you and your special someone.


Where are we going...?
I feel like that is what the Earth is being told right now.
Global food waste and poverty issues

What can we do now?
When that happens, how much can we help people?

Let's use this can to help someone else.
For even more irreplaceable moments.

Make someone's number one, more than anyone else.

iMall Japan × Konohitokan


Our wishes.

Our Brand Wishes

Our brand has constantly evolved to adapt to the times, without fear of failure.

Naturally, each of our brands has a different story and concept.
But what they all have in common is that they want to make the person who receives them "happy at that moment."
The family and friends of the recipient.
That is the origin of the story and concept embodied in our brand.

Now is the time to express our hopes and feelings.
We will deliver our thoughts together with iMall Japan.



The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has thrown the world into chaos.
In 2023, as people began to return to their daily lives, we once again realized the meaning of health and happiness.

Humans cannot survive alone.
We believe that it is by caring for each other, being grateful to each other, and helping each other that we can live like human beings.

We would like to express our gratitude to the craftspeople who have supported our lives despite the hardships of COVID-19, and in turn, we would like to support these craftspeople and further liven up the local community.
It was only because I suffered from COVID-19 that I realized this.
We then began preparations to start broadcasting, mainly from Kurashiki and Okayama.


The website is finally complete and has begun publishing.
First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the creators who sympathized with our thoughts and entrusted us with their wishes.

Together with the lifestyle and thoughts of the creators.
We will deliver truly wonderful charm that is packed with our attention to detail.

We will also fully support and encourage Konohitokan, which is working to solve the problems of food waste and poverty.
For the Earth and a bright future for our children.

We will continue to cherish and nurture these two concepts.