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[Kamote] Ichiban nobashi hand-stretched somen (semi-dried noodles, 2 servings)

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It goes down smoothly and smoothly, with a firm texture that makes it exceptionally delicious.
The dough is packed fresh after it has been stretched.
Enjoy the delicious, freshly made, freshly stretched texture that is unique to Kamote.

The reason why Kamote noodles are so delicious!
Key points!

✅Hand-stretched manufacturing method inherited from a tradition of over 300 years
✅Careful maturation and stretching!
✅It has a strong texture and is very chewy!
✅Smooth and pleasant texture, gentle on the throat.

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[Kamote] Ichiban nobashi hand-stretched somen (semi-dried noodles, 2 servings)
[Kamote] Ichiban nobashi hand-stretched somen (semi-dried noodles, 2 servings) Sale price¥540

Traditional techniques and spirit handed down for over 300 years


Key points! ①
✅Hand -stretched method inheriting a tradition of over 300 years

Bitchu Kamogata: A town of hand-pulled noodles created by the climate and natural features

The reason why Bitchu Kamogata (Kamogata-cho, Asakuchi City, Okayama Prefecture), a town of hand-stretched noodles, developed as a noodle production area is because of the clean water that springs from Mount Yosyo, the high-quality salt produced in salt fields along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, and the fact that the Takahashi River basin is a wheat-producing region, which produces an abundant harvest of high-quality wheat flour.

Okayama Prefecture is also known as the "Land of Sunshine" because of its favorable climate, making it the perfect place for making noodles.

From the latter half of the Edo period, flour grinding began with waterwheels, and noodle production became increasingly popular.

We inherit the traditional hand-stretched noodles techniques handed down in the region, and by incorporating new technology, we continue to strive and evolve every day in order to deliver delicious hand-pulled noodles.

Key points! ②
Carefully aged and extended!

The deliciousness of hand-stretched noodles, which cannot be made by machinery, is determined by the important handiwork of artisans!

Our craftsmen determine the preparation method and aging time based on the weather and temperature, and then they repeat the aging and extension process without a break, carefully making each bottle by hand, taking approximately 30 hours.

In the hand-stretched manufacturing process, the noodle dough is said to be a living thing, and the craftsmen make decisions based on the weather and temperature of that day and the next, the amount of salt to be added, and the maturation time.

In order to make truly delicious hand-stretched noodles, there are some processes that simply cannot be mechanized.

"We want to deliver delicious hand-stretched noodles."

It is because we continue to hold that sentiment in mind that our craftsmen still carefully carry out the crucial processes that determine the flavor.

Key point! ③
✅It has a strong texture and is very chewy!

A unique texture created by repeated aging and stretching!

The greatest feature of our hand-stretching method is that it takes about 30 hours from the time the dough is prepared until it is completed, during which our craftsmen work nonstop to mature and stretch it.

Once the dough has matured, it can be stretched.
The noodle dough is left to mature without being cut, and then continuously stretched in a certain direction.

The craftsmen stretch the dough, let it rest, let it mature, and then stretch it again - a process that takes around 30 hours without a break, taking great care and time to complete.

That's why our hand-pulled noodles have a firm, elastic texture and a chewy mouthfeel, bringing out their exceptional deliciousness.

Key point! ④
✅Smooth and pleasant texture, gentle on the throat.

The unique, gentle taste is achieved through repeated aging and extension.

In the hand-stretching method, the dough is not cut with a blade.

The noodle dough is not cut, but is made by repeatedly maturing and stretching it in a certain direction, which causes the gluten to form into fibers, making the noodle smooth and silky, just like freshly made rice cakes.

In addition, the noodle dough becomes stronger, so it is less likely to stretch or fall apart after boiling compared to noodles made by machine.

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We have evolved our flavor while respectfully preserving our traditions.
Traditional deliciousness made with the utmost care.
We deliver with confidence.