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Article: The 1000 Cans of Konohitokan project has begun!

The 1000 Cans of Konohitokan project has begun!

Partners tab ▷ check! | On March 31st, I went to help out with the first Konohitokan 1000 Cans Project. The third presentation will be held on October 15th. This year, there were entries from high schools in Ishikawa Prefecture. We are very happy that they participated despite being affected by the disaster, and first of all, we would like to express our heartfelt condolences to those affected by the disaster. We sincerely hope for a speedy recovery. Yesterday, many high school students worked together. Elementary school students also participated and made badges to be distributed on the day of the presentation. We worked in a friendly and fun atmosphere. It's good to be able to work hard for someone else. The richness of the heart that comes from the Konohitokan item. It was a day where I felt the warmth of the heart.