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[Magnet] Sukimo Leather | Billfold Wallet (Wood Black)

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Made by leather craftsman Kunio Okubo.
"Sukimo Leather" is created by dyeing tanned cowhide and layering dozens of pieces.
The biggest feature of this leather is that it can be used to create a variety of beautiful patterns by combining colors and layering them. It is a unique leather that is difficult to obtain.
This artistic piece has been patented and is likely the only one in the world that can be created by Mr. Okubo.
Enjoy the charm of beautiful "Sukimo Leather".

It is impossible to create an identical piece.
Therefore, even with the same design, there may be slight differences in pattern and color.
Please note.

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Sukimo Leather
Made by leather craftsman Kunio Okubo.
This is an artistic leather that perhaps only Mr. Okubo can create, and he is the only person in the world who can do so.
Enjoy the charm of beautiful "Sukimo Leather".